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A Christmas Message From Bishop Carter via WNCC can be viewed here.   

District E-News December 2021 From the Edge* As a spiritual leader on the margin, Rev. Jae Lee has led people from the edge.  From the Edge* will become a voice for diverse perspectives and encouragements among the Smoky Mountain District's churches...

Thank you to Long's Chapel for capturing and sharing this video of the service celebrating the appointment of Rev. Dr. Hyung Jae Lee.  The service can be viewed by following the link here. 

Article via WNCC can be viewed here. 

Follow this link for WNCC'S ANTI-RACISM RESOURCES.


We are created for a lifetime of love and intimacy, but relationships can be hard, even for the happiest couples. Distance, frustration and disconnection can enter through any number of life’s events. At Lake Junaluska Marriage Enrichment Retreats, ...

Rev. Dan Pezet, Metro District Superintendent, believes churches can forge meaningful connections with their neighbors through impactful community ministries. But only if the church’s motives are perceived as genuine, not self-serving. He outlines ...

In this updated webinar on February 2 at 10:30 a.m., Dr. Ernst-Bischoff, Epidemiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health, will discuss congregational regathering, the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations, and what to expect in these first few ...

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