A Resource From Bishop Carter About Misinformation in The UMC

posted on August 03

A message from Bishop Carter: "There is misinformation about what the ongoing and future United Methodist Church believes.  Some of this misinformation is being shared in local churches.

If we do not tell our story, others will construct a story about us, in this instance a false witness about the UMC.  This is a violation of the 9th Commandment.  

This statement was overwhelmingly affirmed by the Council of Bishops last fall, and had enthusiastic affirmation from bishops on each continent. I had the honor of convening the writing team, and it went through several revisions. It is at the heart of the #BeUMC initiative.  It expresses a deep and wide consensus rooted in our scriptures and doctrinal standards, it describes United Methodists I’ve known and served across my pastoral ministry, and it is a direct response to the misinformation and false witness.  

If you are a pastor in a local church, or a lay leader, I invite you to share this statement. Do not underestimate the power of your own witness to the beautiful, compassionate and inclusive love of God in Jesus Christ. This is the cross and the flame. This is our story. This is our song."

Access the resource here: https://www.unitedmethodistbishops.org/files/websites/www/a+narrative+for+the+continuing+united+methodist+church...._.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0sIpoDoCh68EpJ_OxfbpMdciRlQllqUKuNJzbImmfeCizjFSt2jonPzac

Source: wnccumc.org