I'm New to the District: Eric Henson

posted on November 27

I’m New to the District: Pastor Eric Henson

The purpose of this series is to introduce clergy who are new to the district. Typically, I have coffee or a phone conversation with each leader to learn more about their story. I’ve been enriched by every conversation that I’ve had. My talk with Pastor Eric Henson was no different. 

Eric pastors Asbury UMC and Mulberry UMC, both in Otto, NC. Both churches’ ministry strength is hospitality and that’s what they pride themselves on. That’s something that makes Eric a suitable pastor for these congregations. He is humble and “present.”  I imagine he represents what Jesus saw in Nathaniel when quoted in the gospel of John saying, “in whom there is no guile.”  His journey reflects that. 

Eric and his wife Jessica, whom he notes as the most important person in his life, have two children. He grew up in what he calls a religious environment and accepted Christ at 7 years old. He was in the landscaping business when he was called. He found a home in the United Methodist Church and leaned heavily into lay speaking before he got on the local pastor track. His service to the community extends beyond the four walls of the church. He graduated SEC’s Fire Academy in 2015, and served as a volunteer firefighter at the Otto Fire Department for several years. 

I asked Eric what his favorite aspects of pastoring are.  He said, “funerals and being with people who have lost someone or something.” My time with him encouraged me to think about how I am “present” with those whom I’m fortunate to be in community with. Asbury and Mulberry have in Eric a shepherd and brother.  We are fortunate to have such leaders. 

Eric & Jessica
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