I'm New to the District: Peter Constantian

posted on September 12

I'm New to the District: Peter Constantian

"Don't make me famous." That was Peter Constantian’s response when I asked if he would share his story with me for the first edition of the "I’m New to the District" series. 

I met Peter at the new pastor's orientation on Aug. 21 at Clark's Chapel UMC in Franklin. We are both new to the Smoky Mountain District. I was recently brought on to the District Vitality Team as the communications coordinator. Peter serves as pastor of Long's UMC and Cruso UMC. 

We happened to step out at the same time for a break. We awkwardly, but intentionally navigated our way to an authentic interaction.

We scheduled a time to grab coffee where I learned a little about Peter's journey.

Peter, even at a relatively young age, has lived a life full of highs, lows, twists, and turns. He’s an open book. One of the more interesting twists was his stint as a sustainable agriculture specialist for the Peace Corp in Ecuador. It was his desire to serve that led him to Ecuador. And it was in Ecuador that God widened Peter's view of God's mission and narrowed his focus and call. 

I inquired about how he brings all of his experiences and exposure to the pulpit in rural Western North Carolina. From his response and from his demeanor, I gather that it is with curiosity and concern.  He believes that not only should he share what he has seen, but that he should learn from those he is called to serve and from the context in which he serves. 

We should all be encouraged that God is still calling people to lead local congregations. Particularly, that God is calling caring and gifted leaders to serve here in the SMD. Leaders who aren't seeking notoriety, but are only seeking to serve God's people. 

Peter is a graduate of Duke Divinity (MDiv) and St. Olaf with a BA in Economics and Religion. 

He enjoys getting to know his neighbors - people, nature, and creatures small and great.

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